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by Karen Winkelman Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Picture of a blue spiral with the words:The 2021 Effect on Your Personal YearUnderstanding how 2021’s 5-Vibe Influences Your Personal Numbers (Part 1) - Your Personal Year

Knowing what the energy is about in any given year can help you use it to your best advantage and avoid some of the pot holes along the way.

Working against the energy is frustrating at best.

To everything there is a season and a time for every purpose under nature.

Think of it like the different seasons of the year. In most cases, planting seeds in frozen ground or harvesting your veggies before they are fully developed would be unwise.

It is the same with the energy at play in any given year. If the energy is about completion and letting go of what no longer serves you, you probably don’t want to launch a new venture.

In my previous post I talked about the 5-vibration in play this year.

Now let’s get personal. That 5-vibe of 2021 also affects your personal numbers. Some numbers dance well with each other, others get tripped up.

Before I dive into how 2021 influences your personal numbers, let me set the stage and provide some background deets for people who need to put this in context. If you’re Numerologically Savvy, you can skip ahead.

In Numerology, every year has a specific energy, based on the number vibration for that year (the total of the numbers added together: 2021 = 2+0+2 +1 = 5).

Annual Numerology follows a 9-year cycle, moving from the Number 1 (new beginnings) to Number 9 (completions).

Every 9 years the cycle begins again.

I refer to this a Spiral Dance, moving around each number multiple times during your lifetime. Each visit through a Number isn’t Groundhog Day (at least I hope not!), yet you will experience similar themes each time you are dealing with a specific number’s vibration.


The Universal Energy for 2021 is a 5 Vibration, according to Numerology; you can read more about that in my blog post: Surfing the Waves of Change  

“Universal Energy,” in this instance, means everyone everywhere on planet Earth will be affected by the same vibration.

You also have a personal year vibration as well that is based on your date of birth.

This Universal Energy affects you on 3 primary levels:

1) The overall general energy of that number in any given year

2) The energy of the year interacting with your Personal Year Number (based on the month and day of your birth)

3) The energy of the year interacting with your Life Path Number (based on your date of birth)

The combination creates certain themes for you each year, based on the interactions of the characteristics of those three numbers.

Some numbers play very well together, some numbers are neutral with each other, and some numbers rub each other the wrong way.

Some numbers will bring out the best in you, while other numbers might reveal more of your shadow side. Which is fine, you need to be aware of the shadow to shift things that consistently trigger or trip you up.


It’s impractical in a blog post to cover all the various interaction of every number combination. That requires a skilled numerologist. I can give you some basic guidelines so you can get an idea of how 2021 may show up for you. If you want a personal numerology forecast for the year I invite you to consider booking a session with me. (end commercial wink )


I also realize that I love to share information, so my posts tend to get long. In honor of your time, I’ve decided to break this post into 2 pieces.

Part 1: the 2021 Effect on Your Personal Year (the blog post you're currently reading)

Part 2: the 2021 Effect on Your Life Path Number


So let’s dive into Your Personal Year… Ready?

First, determine Your Personal Year

Just like the 9-year cycle of the Universal Years, you also have a 9-year cycle of personal years, starting with Number 1 and ending with Number 9.

It’s uncommon (but not unheard of) for your Personal Year and Universal Year cycles to be in synch.

Your Personal Year represents where you are in your personal 9-year cycle and the overall theme to expect and the types of experiences, lessons and things you will encounter along the way.

To determine your personal year, add the month + day of your birth + current year and reduce to a single-digit number.

Example: Using my birthday (October 9) it would be:

10+9+2021 (1+0+9+2+0+2+1) = 15 

Reduce this to a single digit number: 1+5 = 6.

So 2021 is a “6 year” for me.


In addition to determining your Personal Year for 2021, I invite you to take a few minutes and figure out your current 9 year cycle. (hint, once you know your current personal year, it progresses in order till you reach 9 then you start over with 1.)

Here’s an example using my 9-year Personal Year cycle alongside the Universal Year Cycle











Universal Year Number










Karen's Personal Year Number











How does Your Personal Year interact with the 5 Vibration of 2021?

In general, the 5 vibration is supportive of the 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9 vibrations, because their traits/characteristics are more compatible than not.

The 5 vibration can be either neutral or supportive of the 2 and 6 vibrations, depending on your specific situation, what you are working on or through.

And the 5 vibe is often odds with 4 and 8 vibrations, because their traits are focused on different things. Their MO (Modus Operandi, aka way of doing something) is also very different.


Because if you are anything like me, I know you’ll want to know what every year is about… so here is a list of the major themes for each of the years in a 9-year numerology cycle.

This applies to both Your Personal & Universal Year.

When you look at the numbers you can start to see the flow from year to year.

And, you can begin to tell by the brief description and positive and shadow characteristics, just how your Personal Year and the Universal Year energy might play together (or not).

Pro Tip:

1) Look at the shadow characteristics of both your Personal Year and Universal Year and see if there is any overlap or similar traits.

If so, this could be your blind spot or default trigger point that year. Knowing this helps you be aware when the emotional trigger or behavior starts to show up, so you can pause and breathe and think before you react.

2) Look at the primary positive traits of both your Personal Year and Universal Year and see how they may work together to help you on a specific project or life situation.


 9-Year Numerology Cycle – Brief Description and Traits

1 Year:  New Beginnings, Individuality, Innovating, Creating, Leadership

This is a very good year to start all new things, innovate, ideas flow, creativity flourishes. 

Shadow Side: Stubborn, Domineering, Didactic, Selfish, Demanding, Depressed, Egotistical, Cold, Unfeeling, Tactless, Hypersensitive, Bossy, Scattered, Disorganized

2 Year:  Relationships, Duality, Balance, Collaboration, Patience, Peace

Results of past efforts show up, some surprises and new doors open.

 Shadow Side: Shy, Depressed, Listless, Uninterested, Wishy-Washy, Insipid, Indefinite, Stupid, Malleable, Ambitionless, Oversensitive, Co-dependent

3 Year:  Enjoyment, Socializing, Self-Nurturing, Passion, Self-Expression, Writing, Storytelling

This year is meant for fun, socializing and pleasure. Focus on your self-care, and honestly expressing yourself. Great year to network.

Shadow Side: Superficial, Vain, Egotistical, Gaudy, Fickle, Wasteful, Critical, Domineering, Promiscuous, Lackadaisical, Loquacious, Bombastic, Flighty

4 Year:  Focus, Work, Stability, Security, Foundation-building

This is a busy year as you plan and work on building the foundation for your future. Avoid pushing yourself or others and being overly critical. Done is better than perfect.

Shadow Side: Stubborn, Jealous, Uninteresting, Plodding, Depressed, Unimaginative, Stingy, Argumentative, Didactic, Rigid, Repression

5 Year:  Change, Freedom, Flexibility, Communication, Fun, Romance, Travel

This year switches from hard work to more fun, and ushers in change, progress and happy surprises as you begin to reap some benefits from all your efforts. Successful for communications and the arts. 

Shadow Side: Fickle, Unreliable, Jealous, Envious, Depressed, Temperamental, Impulsive, Greedy, Peripatetic, Wasteful, Vain, Inconsistent, Moody, Sarcastic, Critical, Overextended, Devious

6 Year:  Love, Harmony, Creativity, Family/Community, Responsibility, Money

The focus shifts to your home and family. Redecorate, improve your environment. Successful for the arts. If not in one, you may pursue a relationship.

Shadow Side: Jealous, Vain, Wasteful, Selfish, Intrusive, Meddling, Picky, Underhanded, Stifling, Nagging, Self-Righteous, Extravagant, Over-giving, Needy, Martyr-syndrome, Argumentative

7 Year:  Wisdom, Intuition, Trust, Spiritual Exploration, Balancing Head & Heart

This is a year of contemplation, intellectual pursuits, understanding, discernment, solitude and peace. Religion, spiritual, mysticism and the occult interest you.

Shadow Side: Lonely, Critical, Depressed, Moody, Shy, Slow, Cold, Unrelenting, Withdrawn, Elusive, Standoffish, Devious, Calculating, Suppression, Fault-finding

8 Year:  Personal Power, Recognition, Finances, Success, Organization, Justice

This can be a prosperous year where you reap the benefits of your efforts and focus, as 8 symbolizes the fulfillment of material goals.

Shadow Side: Power Mad, Egotistical, Vain, Dictatorial, Depressed, Money Hungry, Unscrupulous, Materialistic, Foolish, Financial rollercoaster, Unappreciative, Self-centered, Manipulative

9 Year:  Endings, Completion, Reassessing, Releasing, Compassion, Forgiveness

Clean house, clear the clutter, take care of health issues and put the past behind you. It’s time to end relationships and situations that aren’t working for you so you can follow your destiny.

Shadow Side: Loneliness, Depression, Wastefulness, Self-Pity, Overemotional, Unselective, Unconcerned, Dissipation, Procrastination, Perfectionism, Disinterested, Creatively blocked, Judgmental


Final Thoughts:

Don’t over think or over analyze any of this. Trust your intuition and feel your way into it.

And above all, treat yourself with compassion.


with love and appreciation for you,


PS. If you'd like to know about your personal Numerology this year, or would like some support in shifting the shit that is getting in the way of you being fully YOU and creatively expressing yourself, I'd love to work with you if we're a fit.

You can contact me here

Posted by Karen Winkelman on Tuesday, February 9, 2021 2:30 PM
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